Tei Avon - Schwarma Bistro

Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro  is a brand new concept merging the traditional Mediterranean schwarmas with flavors and tastes from around the globe.

The owners – a father and son combo – conceptualized the menu, they have been in the food industry for 22 years! Together, they’ve created a user friendly schwarma restaurant concept with possibly the best beef ribs and burgers around, and topped with a Tapas menu which is very unique! 

The look and feel of this trendy, vibey and yet very inviting restaurant is truly special and needs to be seen and experienced. In the middle of the restaurant is a 22 seater hand-made wooden table for either big groups, individuals to sit around and socialise, or a hand full of smaller groups to mix ‘European style’.

Free WiFi and plug points are available everywhere. There’s also a glassed in kitchen which not only adds to the vibe but allows you to watch all your food being cooked and served. Tei Avon has many options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Easily accommodates everyone’s tastes.

The perfect venue for a birthday or just a nice family diner. The menu is completely ‘take away’ so you can enjoy the perfect meal at your home too.

One of a kind: Tei avon is Hebrew for ‘Bon Apetit’ and means ‘Good and Happy Eating!’.